About us

Şakiroğlu Agriculture, starts to take a step in agriculture sector in 1986. The founders of the company who come from farmer family , progressed in a short time and achieved important sucesses. Şakiroğlu Agriculture, “All things related to agriculture”as the slagon summarizes, presents the right products with the right trademarks to agricultural and animal workings at every stage of agricultural processes. Şakiroğlu Agriculture, comes from farmer family, is an experienced company which has the knowledge of what or when a farmer needs.

Şakiroğlu Agriculture which has the dealer of 16 different native and foreign companies, takes firm steps forward for the sake of being leader company of the sector by constructing the biggest and the modernest agriculture complex of Turkey.

Şakiroğlu which aims to provide(fertilizer, seed, equipment, watering, tractor, harvesting machines) all needs of the farmer from one point, gives 7/24 mobile service to customers as it knows the importance of the process after sales. Besides it provides free tractor supply when tractor is needed to stay for long time at service.


  • 1982

    Ramazan and Ömer Turan brothers’ starting of agricultural activities in Çumra, Konya


    The starting of buying and selling second-hand tractor


    The buying of dealership of the Turkish tractor in Çumra by laying the first foundations of the company under the name of ‘Şakiroğulları’.

  • 1990

    Opening branch in Konya


    Buying, selling and packaging of cereals- pulse


    Ramazan TURAN and Ömer TURAN brothers separated their ways to invest in different fields in agriculture sector.

  • 2004

    Ömer Turan’s son Mehmet Turan’s participating in company as the represantative of the second generation.


    The structure of 3 S (Selling, Service and Spare Part) is completed by getting Konya, Karamn and Aksaray local dealerships of John Deere company which is the producer of the biggest agriculture machines of the World.


    International agriculture machine producer Gaspardo Maschio’s dealership

  • 2010

    Starting of the tractor rental services under the name of Fimaks dealership, Rentrac


    Incorporated companies; -The Turkey distributorship of RKD pivot and lineer watering systems- The dealership of John Deere Water /Rivulis) drip irrigation system.


    Incorporated companies; - The dealership of JCB agricultural machines - The distributer of Lely Welger Harvest Machines - The dealership of Timac Agro Fertilizer, Opening 'Petrol Ofisi' on the way of Karaman

Our values

Şakiroğlu Agriculture, defines corporate policies as “ Trust,Quality, Sustainability” and continue to grow and develop always in line with this principles.

Our difference

The qualities which separate Şakiroğlu Agriculture from other companies can be arranged as this:

  • We are a company which manages to provide all needs of a farmer from one place..
  • We have saving of knowledge and experience which provide customer to prefer the righ product with experience of years.
  • We have the biggest and the modernest agriculture complex of Turkey.
  • We have the dealership of the most important companies of the sector.
We are first Europe seller at John Deere Water and we have customer satisfaction and sales awards from the trademarks which we work together.