Monitörler Tronic System

  • TRONIC System


    Gaspardo TRONIC is a revolutionary system that manages precision planting with electric metering units. There are many benefits to this innovation: streamlined structure of the machine, lower maintenance, easy and quick setup of seeding distance, constant control of seed placement accuracy and the opportunity to record all data on flash memory.

    The system is now available for a wide range of 45, 50, 60, 70 or 75 cm vacuum planters up to 12 rows, including a rigid or folding frame. The models are: Renata-Marisa, Monica, MT Rigid, MTR Rigid, Manta, Manta XL, Mirka, Regina.
    • Monitor GASPARDO-SO SERIOUS communication technology with CAN-Bus 
    • Backlit Display 5.7 '' 
    • 12-volt power from the tractor battery 


    • Sowing distance setting from monitor 
    • Single rows exclusion sowing 
    • Measuring the distance of sowing and the deviation (- / +%) 
    • Total hectare meter 
    • Partial hectare counter
    • Instantaneous velocity indicator
    • Depression value indicator
    • Jobs saving removable memory