20v Max 12" Cordless Trimmer/Edger Bare Tool

    • 20V Max* Lithium Ion Battery (not included) provides up to twice the power per weight versus traditional nickel-cadmium batteries
    • Edge in seconds – With a simple push button, the trimmer converts to edger in seconds
    • Auto-Feed Trim Line automatically adjusts the line to the perfect cutting length
    • Assist Handle can be easily adjusted for added comfort and balance
    Toro's 20 V Max string trimmer and edger is powerful and durable, with high-performing features that make yard care seem effortless. User friendly features make the job much easier and faster such as an auto feed line system and telescoping shaft with adjustable assist handles. With a simple 1-step push button, the operator can convert to edging in seconds and the wheel guides the edger for precision trimming. Battery manufacturer rating, 20 V maximum & 18 V nominal. Actual voltage varies with load. (Battery and charger not included.)
  • Battery Power 20V Max* Lithium Ion (Model 88502)
    2.6 Amp-Hr / 36 Watt-Hr
    Charger Model 88500
    Cutting Width 12"
    Handle Design Work Grip Handle
    Line Feed Auto
    Line Type Single Line 0.065”
    Replacement Spool 88524 (3-Pack) & 88532
    Shaft Style Telescopic - 14"
    Warranty 2-Year Full**
    Weight 6.9 lbs
    Disclaimer *Disclaimer for 20V: Battery manufacturer rating = 20V maximum & 18V nominal. Actual voltage varies with load.
    **See owner’s manual for details on warranty coverage.