Çekilir Tip Kollu İlaçlama Makineleri Campo 44-65

  • CAMPO 44-65

    BOOMS FOR 24 TO 32 m, TANKS 4450 or 6500 LITRES

    The "44" and "65" representing the excellence of the trailed sprayer. Configuration available in 4400 or 6500 liters, ensure high operational autonomy, ideal for large companies. The machine has a generous standard equipment fitted with spraying computer to easily handle up to 9 sections of water on the bars 600 and 700 range of "ALA".

    "AS" versions are among the standard features in addition to suspension control system is also hydraulic steering axle, which allows the machine to follow faithfully the roadways of the tractor, minimizing the damage caused by trampling. With this system it will be possible to get more production even in the headlands, and avoid damaged plants can be an easy base for the spread of pests in the rest of the field.

    Version Tank capacity (LITRES) Boom width (METERS) Pump (l/min - bar) Track width (mm) Boom lifting (mm) Boom sections
    44-44AS 4450 24-32 300-560/20 1650-2250 / 1800-2250 1500 7-9
    65-65AS 6500 24-32 300-560/20 1650-2250 / 1800-2250 1500 7-9