Kendi Yürür Gübre Uygulayıcısı Talpa



    Talpa is a high clearance (1650 mm) digestate applicator that allows to inject, as a proper side dressing fertilizer, digestate or other organic slurries in the inter-row spacing! The 12 m3 steel tank guarantees a proper autonomy in field operations.

    Talpa has revolutionized the concept of spreading digestate or manure in the field. The ability to access even in an advanced stage of crop development opens up new possibilities and greatly improves the efficiency of use of nutrients contained in the wastewater.

    Talpa is the answer to the needs of all those companies that are having to manage large amounts of organic products to be distributed in a short time on their surfaces. The medium is a self-propelled articulated with a large tank of 12 cubic meters of landfill and an apparatus built.

    The cabin is equipped with all the modern conveniences and accessories that can not miss in a work vehicle with air conditioning with active carbon filter, hands-free blue-tooth, radio with hi-fi and electric heated mirrors.

    Watch TALPA on the field 

    Version Weight (KG) Wheels Tank capacity (LITRES) ENGINE (HP) Track width (mm) Pump flow (l/min) Trasport Width (MM) INNER STEERING RADIOUS (MM)
    TALPA 6/75 14200 380/90-R50 12000 250 HP –184 kW 1900 - 2250 6000 2550 4250
    • Cabin width 1600 mm 
    • Integrated roll-cage structure 
    • Seat air shock 
    • Monitor 12 "touchscreen canbas console control 
    • multifunction joystick 
    • Positive pressurization system up to 50 Pascal 
    • Air conditioner with carbon filter 
    • Car radio with stereo 
    • bluetooth handsfree 
    • Mirrors, electrically adjustable and heated 
    • Transport width