Kultıvatörler Dracula



    DRACULA cultivator from Maschio combines industry-leading know-how, agronomic advantages and durability. Thanks to the combination of front discs, tines, levelers and rear roller, Dracula provides crop residue management, soil aeration, levelling and seedbed preparation in one cost-effective passage. Choosing this cultivator, you can face both shallow and deep tillage operations (from 5 cm up to 30 cm). As a soil caretaker, Dracula creates optimal field conditions for more yield potential and more profit!

    Version Working width cm total width cm Weight (KG) Tines (N.) Discs (N.) Power Needed (HP)
    400 400 300 8000 9 18-610 280-360
    600 600 300 9500 13 26-610 400-550