Kultıvatörler Furıa



    Furia is a soil pre-loosener engineered to be coupled with combined seed drills: it can correct shallow hardpans (down to 25 cm) or soil compaction coming from excessively heavy machineries on the field. Breaking up the first soil layer facilitates the subsequent action of power harrow and seedbed preparation. A “train” of tractor + loosener + power harrow + seed drill allows crop to be established in just one pass, reducing soil compaction. It can be used only in combination with other machines.

    Version Working depth cm Tines (N.)
    300 118-147 / 160-200 25 4
    400 132-176 / 180-240 25 6
    • Support for storage and easy connection to the tractor
    • PTO shaft with cam clucth
    • 3 point hitch II cat., III cat., 3N, 4N
    • Rear quick hitch II cat., III cat., 3N, 4N
    • 600 mm tips for 300 version specifically developed for soil loosening action
    • 500 mm tips for 400 version specifically developed for soil loosening action
    • Independent adjustment of tines by handle
    • Pins in high resistent material with antirotation device on each point