Kverneland Clg-Iı Subsoiler

  • Kverneland CLG-II Subsoiler

    Chisel ploughs, Subsoiler for tough conditions

    Designed to loosen subsoil and break up wheel tracks, to improve soil structure and promote good drainage.
    By increasing the soil's permeability the seedbed conditions for fast and better germination is improved. Better drainage and efficient gaseous exchange lead to an effective nutrient uptake.

    The advantages :

    • Kverneland unique steels and Heat treatment processes to the complete CLGII for robustness in extreme soil conditions
    • Improves soil structure an d promotes good drainage
    • very efficient penetration
    • efficient elimination of tramlines
    • flexible "bolt-on" construction to adjust the tine spacing and/or to increase the implement size
    • unrivalled Kverneland auto-reset leaf spring protection for trouble free working consitions
    • all models can be extended
    • optional depth control wheels 


  • Çalışma genişliği(m)

    Dişli numarası

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    Max. Güç ihtiyacı

    1.20 - 2.2522.200.60 - 2.00525103 KW/140 hp
    0.90 - 2.2532.200.30 - 1.00575121 KW/165 hp
    1.50 - 2.2552.200.30 - 0.45795154 KW/210 hp
    1.80 - 2.7072.900.30 - 0.45980176 KW/240