Monitörler Genıus



    The most advanced among Gaspardo controllers, it can manage seed and fertilizer distribution even at the same time! Wide monitor and keypad make easier the set up of work. From the tractor is possible access these functions:

    • Easy and quickly calibrate seeding rate
    • Change seeding rate by the display, also on the run
    • Access “pre-start” and “pre-stop” functions to obtain always perfect field borders with no missing area or seed eccess.
    • Function tramline, to have all advantages of runways for chemical treatments.
    • Genius can dialogue with GPS prescription maps for variable rate application of seed or fertilizer. This technique has a strong impact on use efficiency of agronomical inputs and can lead to cost savings in broad scale applications.  


    • Doser rotation control
    • Low seed level warning
    • Blower rotation control
    • Partial and total seeded area counter (ha)
    • Working speed (km/h)

     Available as standard equipment on:

    • direct seeding drills: DP PRONTA, GIGANTE, GIGANTE 900
    • combined drills: Centauro Falco, Centauro Aquila Rapido Combi
    • tanks: PA2, SCATENATA

    Available on demand on:

    •  PA1