Rivulis - F7000 Plastic Disc Filters Features

  • F7000 Plastic Disc Filters Features

    • Easy maintenance
    • Durable for years of high performance
    • Can be used as a primary or back-up filter
    • Choose a twin layer stainless steel weave-wire or polyamide screen

    The F7000 Plastic Disc Filter is used as a primary filter for small irrigation systems and as a back-up filter for field zones. This filter can stop or retain large amount of solids from the water due to the depth feature of the disc element and the size of element. In addition, the filters utilize a flow deflecting plate that circulates water inside the filter and forces particles away from the disc elements and down to the bottom of the filter ready to be flushed out. All of these features contribute to improved filter efficiency and increased time between flushing.

    The F7000 Plastic Screen Filters have a nylon body, reinforced with fiberglass, and are equipped with filtration elements stacked with polypropylene discs. The F7000 Plastic Disc Filters are available in several filtration rates and connection types, including both threaded and victaulic. The 2” and 3” filters utilize a user-friendly, stainless steel clamp for easy maintenance. And because the F7000 Plastic Disc Filters can be flushed without tools, the filters are easy to maintain and operate for years.

    Connector Choices NPT, VIC
    Screen Type Polypropylene
    Body Type In-Line and Angled
    Diameter 1 to 3 Inch
    Disc Filter 2 Inch (120 mesh)
    Flow Rate(gpm) Screen Filter (120 mesh)
    Head Loss (psi)
    51 0.84
    79 1.97
    110 3.42
    137 5.44
    150 6.21
    163 7.19
    174 8.01


    Disc Filter 2″ L (120 mesh)
    Flow Rate (gpm) Screen Filter (120 mesh)
    2″ L
    Head Loss (psi)
    52 0.72
    79 1.45
    105 2.46
    132 3.48
    158 4.49
    184 5.8
    211 7.39


    Disc Filter 3 Inch (120 mesh)
    Flow Rate (gpm) Screen Filter (120 mesh)
    Head Loss (psi)
    52 0.39
    83 0.77
    104 1.10
    147 2.25
    175 3.19
    209 4.53
    242 6.24