Silindirik Balya Makineleri Extreme 365

  • EXTREME 365

    Variable chamber and geometry round baler

    Feraboli round balers are designed for maximum flexibility and reliability in every condition. Delicate on hay and perfect on wet forage, very good even with difficult products such as stalks and straw. Outstanding durability, high working capacity, bale perfectly formed, compact and very heavy, round balers Feraboli make a profitable investment.

    365 model is available in HTC, HTR, HTC e HTU versions.

    For more info go to Feraboli website.

    • Winding: 4 closed loop belts (endless)
    • Pression and geometry electro-hydraulic control variable geometry
    • Hydraulic compression
    • Cardan shaft with constant velocity joint, torque limiter cam
    • Rotor power supply
    • Centralized greasing manual (progressive or single)
    • Chains automatic lubrication (including pick-up)
    • Pick-up with front roller for product drive
    • Pick-up hydraulic lifting system
    • Bale diameter electronic control
    • Hydraulic bale pressing
    • Automatic double twine binder
    • Road lights
    • Tires 400/60-15,5
    • Openable buttom
    • Net stock compartment
    • Foldable ladder for roll replacement
    • Hydraulic system: 1 simple acting /2 double acting
    • Electric power supply: 1 socket 12V =
    • Binder film kit (available only for version with net binder)
    • Kit bale ejector
    • 15 fake knives Kit
    • Couple of shrinking cups (recommended for green)
    • Kit twine binder twine net processing