Silindirik Balya Makineleri Extreme Htc


    Variable chamber and geometry roundbaler

    With the HTC system 15 cutting knives give the forage crop a 77 mm length. The cut section is activated by the control unit from the tractor cab. Each knife has a security system and automatic reset spring which is involved in the event of collision with an external body.

    With a handling system of the tensioning arms it's possible to varyl both the size and the density of the heart of the bale, allowing a better aeration of the product still wet, and then a more permanent storage.

    For more info go to Feraboli website.

    • Winding: 6 belts width 179 mm
    • Adjustable draw bar
    • Core diameter variable geometry with manual adjustment (HTU 220) or
    • diameter of the heart 4 positions (HTU 265-280)
    • EASYTRONIC control unit
    • Wide angle joint cardan – tractor side
    • Torque limiter bolt
    • Bale diameter electronic control
    • Hydraulic bale pressing
    • Automatic chain oiling
    • Loading warning
    • Pick-up hydraulic lifting system
    • PTO 540 rpm
    • Road lights
    • Tires 400/60-15,5
    • Hydraulic system 1 simple acting / 1 double acting
    • Electrical system: 1 socket 12V =
    • Twine, net or twine+net binding systems
    • Kit Bale Ejector F_BUS
    • Clincher Mato Profi 5
    • Clincher Mato Profi 19
    • Net twine kit 2 rolls F_BUS
    • Binder film kit (available only for version with net binder)
    • “AFC” for ULTRA and TOPCUT (Obligation limiter cam shaft drive) kit
    • Electric version conversion kit
    • Roll holder brackets kit
    • Couple of shrinking cups (recommended for green)
    • Additional housing for twine EXTREME 220
    • Additional housing for twine EXTREME 265-280
    • Night work lights
    • 25 fake knives Kit
    • Increase for pick-up 2200 mm
    • Increase for hydraulic brakes version
    • Increase for version with tires 19.0/45.17
    • Increase dor constant velocity universal joint with cam torque limiter
    • Tight binder roll kit
    • Wide binder roll kit
    • TOPTRONIC increase (only for machines in electric version)