Silindirik Balya Makineleri Mondıale 120 Pro



    The MONDIALE model combines robustness and technology solutions of superior models to the convenience and simplicity of a fixed chamber round baler. The bottom opening lower, the central lubrication system, the binding system with high efficiency and practical monitor electrical control make this machine a professional model with high efficiency.

    For more info go to Feraboli website.

    • Winding: n.19 rolls
    • Compression: hydraulic
    • Group of 25 cutting knives (two sets 12-13)
    • Openable buttom
    • Tires: 400/60-15.5
    • PTO 540 rpm
    • Pick-up hydraulic lifting system
    • Road light
    • Constant velocity joint cardan
    • Torque limiter cam (LR)
    • 19 rolls fixed chamber
    • Hydraulic bale press
    • Standard bale tying system: net binding
    • Kit bale ejector
    • Automatic chain oiling kit with rotary pump
    • Progressive manual greasing system
    • Progressive automatic greasing system
    • Binder film kit (available only for version with net binder)
    • Fake knives kit
    • Increase for version with tires 19.0/45.17
    • Increase for hydraulic brakes version