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    LINDA is a land-clearing machine for agricultural use. Suitable for cutting grass and shrubs in banks and ditches adjacent to the plots of land. The compact nature of the arm enables cutting flush to the wheel without obstructing the opposite carriageway. Already equipped with a high-performance cast iron pump and engine as standard.

    Version Extension (cm) Hyd Oil Rotor (rpm) Weight (kg) Power Needed (HP) CUTTING HEAD
    470 470 120 3000 720 40 100
    • Independent hydraulic circuit with high-efficiency cast iron gear motor and pumps
    • Max. 540 rpm PTO
    • Aluminium overdrive category 3
    • Hydraulic valve system operated by flexible cables and control unit with mechanical levers
    • High resistance hydraulic pipes, protected by metal guard and shockproof/splashproof spiral wrapping
    • Pre-engineered space for future installation of the heat exchanger
    • High-strength chassis pre-engineered for 3-point hitching to cat. II power lifts
    • Ground pins made of hardened and heat treated steel
    • Wear-resistant bushings with lubricating nipple
    • 100 cm bidirectional floating cutting head with blade 3 
    • Hydraulic safety system with 90° rotation 
    • Safety lever to prevent the rotor from reverse spin
    • PTO shaft
    • Safety valve for unloading in case of rotor blockage
    • Cutting head angle 200°
    • “CE” equipment
    • Pair of third-point connections
    • Lighting kit
    • Heat exchanger
    • Kit brackets
    • Electric Joy-Stick ON-OFF JS